TEADAL Kicks off

On the 21st of September the activities of the TEADAL project kicked off with the first physical meeting of the consortium at Ubiwhere Headquarters in Aveiro, Portugal, to set pace with the plan of activities for the project.

TEADAL Consortium

TEADAL stands for Trustworthy, Energy-Aware Federated Data Lakes Along the Computing Continuum. This European project is funded under the HORIZON-CL4-2021-DATA-01-01 call which has funded projects that create “technologies and solutions for compliance, privacy preservation, green and responsible data operations”.

The ambition of TEADAL is to provide key cornerstone technologies to create stretched data lakes spanning the cloud-edge continuum and multi-cloud, providing privacy, confidentiality, and energy-efficient data management. The TEADAL data lake technologies will enable trusted, verifiable and energy-efficient data flows, both in a stretched data lake and across a trustworthy mediatorless federation of them, based on a shared approach for defining, enforcing, and tracking privacy/confidentiality requirements balanced with the need for energy reduction.

TEADAL data lake platform
TEADAL data lake platform

TEADAL will enable the creation of trusted, verifiable, and energy-efficient data flows, both inside a data lake and across federated data lakes, based on a shared approach for defining, enforcing, and tracking data governance requirements with specific emphasis on privacy/confidentiality. The proposed stretched data lake, i.e., deployed in the continuum, will be based on an innovative control plane able to exploit all the controlled/owned resources, across clouds and at the edge, to improve data analysis. The resulting capabilities of stretched data lakes also provide the essential basis for the creation of trustworthy mediatorless federations of data lakes to foster an effective data exchange among organisations while preserving privacy and confidentiality constraints without any imposed, and often not acceptable, third-party coordinator. Finally, by applying to the data governance the principles of circular economy, i.e., to reuse data, application, and computation resources belonging to the data lake federation, will enable the creation of platforms for more sustainable data analytics.

Based on the fundamental research results of the academic partners TU Berlin (Germany), Politecnico Milano (Italy), and TU Wien (Austria) and contributions of the industry partners Ubiwhere (Portugal), Martel Innovate (Switzerland), Cybernetica (Estonia), Cefriel (Italy), IBM Israel (Israel), Marina Salud Sa (Spain), UITP (Belgium), AMTS Catania (Italy), Almaviva (Italy), Terraview GmbH (Switzerland), Ert Têxtil (Portugal), I2cat (Spain), Box2m Engineering (Romania) and Regione Toscana (Italy), a distributed data management system in the fields of medicine, Industry 4.0, finance, telecommunications, digital agriculture, and regional planning will be evaluated, implemented, and tested. The project started on Sept. 1, 2022, and lasts 3 years with a total funding volume of 10 million euros.