Six use-cases, six pilots.

The TEADAL toolbox is validated in a number of use-cases.

TEADAL - Evidence-based medicine

TEADAL will provide an easy way to model the privacy requirements that each organization has to satisfy concerning their data. This opens the possibility to define two types of trials: multi-center trials in which all the organization agrees on the processing of the data shared by the organizations, and single center where one of the organizations defines an internal experiment requiring data from other organizations.

This pilot addresses the Health data space and will be validated with TEADAL partner MARINA.

TEADAL - Mobility federated access point

Offering a way to define and enforce, while also tracking, the way in which data are managed when analytics are performed, TEADAL can be a perfect solution to overcome one of the challenges that currently the National Access Points, concerning Mobility data sharing, are suffering. In this way, a finer-grained and easier way to specify confidentiality requirements and the support of checking if the shared data are used in the proper way it is available. Conversely, from the user standpoint, the tools offered by TEADAL will support an efficient, while respectful of the confidentiality requirements, data usage.

This pilot addresses the Mobility data space and will be validated with TEADAL partners UITP and AMT.

TEADAL - Smart viticulture data sharing

TEADAL enables the possibility to build more accurate models which are obtained from data that are shared by vineyards located in a given similar region without revealing critical information of the companies/customers. Thus, secure and trusted data sharing is enabled, so that customers reap the “networked” benefits such that they get better information on their crop. The possibility to share data in a trusted way allows the customer to be in a position to monetize and extract financial value of their data.

This pilot addresses the Agricultural and Green Deal data spaces and will be validated with TEADAL partner Terraview.

TEADAL - Industry 4.0 fast KPI calculation

TEADAL solution will be applied to two industrial plants of ERT (Portugal and the Czech Republic), to create a data lake federation able to manage both data at rest and data streams to compute KPIs which are relevant to acquire knowledge about the performances of the processes as fast as possible without breaking plant-specific policies about data management.

This pilot addresses the Industrial data space and will be validated with TEADAL partner ERT.

TEADAL - Shared financial data governance

TEADAL can provide a consistent, trusted, compliant and automated foundation on enhancing data lake federation with smart and compliant data sharing in a context hyper-regulated as the financial domain. Especially when it comes to the complex data residency policies enforcement across the organization deployed in different business regions globally.

This pilot addresses the Financial data space and will be validated with TEADAL partner ING.

TEADAL - Regional planning for environmental sustainability

TEADAL can provide a consistent and reliable foundation to the enrichment and enhancement of public information assets with data about energy-related aspects to support the decision and policymakers in increasing the sustainability of the territories while ensuring the maximum level of protection of personal and confidential data.

This pilot addresses the Energy/PA data space and will be validated with TEADAL partners RT and BOX2M