Public deliverables

Public deliverables, project’s updates.

This page gives you the opportunity to download all the public deliverables of the projects once submitted.

Note: All the deliverables published on this page have only been submitted and are waiting for final approval from the European Commission.

Del. #Deliverable nameDelivery date (months)
D2.2Pilot cases’ intermediate description and initial architecture of the platformM18
D2.3Pilot cases’ final description and revised architecture of the platformM24
D2.4Final general architectureM33
D3.1Gravity and friction-based data governanceM15
D3.2Reducing energy footprint in federated stretched data lakesM24
D3.3Privacy/confidentiality definition approachM33
D4.1Stretched data lakes first release reportM15
D4.2Stretched data lakes second release reportM24
D4.3Stretched data lakes final report and evaluationM33
D5.1Trustworthy data lakes federation first release reportM15
D5.2Trustworthy data lakes federation second release reportM24
D5.3Trustworthy data lakes federation final report and evaluationM33
D6.1Testbed designM15
D6.2Initial integration and proof-of-concept deploymentM24
D6.3Pilot cases deployment’s results and analysisM36
D7.1Communication and dissemination planM3
D7.2Exploitation and sustainability planM18
D7.3Communication, dissemination, exploitation, and solution reliability reportM36