TEADAL and TRUSTEE collaborative session at EBDVF 2023

During 25th – 27th Oct, 2023, we joined 600+ academics, industry professionals from private and public bodies in Valencia to participate in the 7th edition of the European Big Data Value Forum – #EBDVF2023. The event welcomes 200+ speakers participating in more than 50 sessions. 

The TEADAL project joined forces with its cluster project TRUSTEE, another Horizon Europe project working on the call for trustworthy data spaces and secure data management platforms across the computing continuum, to jointly organize a session at EBDVF2023. In their joint technical session, they highlighted the progress and achievements of both projects and how their combined results can create trustworthy data spaces. TEADAL and TRUSTEE have built a good collaborative relationship where we have jointly participated in a few events filling in the information and know-how from each of its domains of innovation.

In this session, Creating Trustworthy European Data Spaces Federations – Challenges and Lessons Learnt, Dr. Sebastian Werner, Technical University of Berlin and Mr. Alberto Berreteaga, Tecnalia participated and presented TEADAL and TRUSTEE projects respectively.

Dr. Sebastian Werner (TEADAL project) and Mr. Alberto Berreteaga (TRUSTEE project)
Dr. Sebastian Werner (TEADAL project) and Mr. Alberto Berreteaga (TRUSTEE project)

Both projects having finished their first year and  are at a similar milestone and, therefore, in this event, the projects shared with the audience their architecture as well as the challenges they face in creating trustworthy and secure European dataspaces federations. 

Each of the projects started with an overview of the project, and then dove deep into the technical aspects of the projects architectures and challenges, highlighting also possible synergies .

The presentation was very well received, sparking a lively discussion with  the audience about each of these projects, showing the importance of the innovation that these projects are creating. 

We thank BDVA for the opportunity to sponsor their flagship event and for giving us a chance to organise a session in their esteemed event and showcase our results in the European Data community. 

Some glimpses from the session.