TEADAL Podcast Series – Featuring Ubiwhere and POLIMI

We are excited to launch TEADAL’s podcast series. In this first podcast, hear from our project coordinator, Dr. Rita Santiago, Ubiwhere, and technical coordinator, Dr. Pierluigi Plebani, POLIMI, a general overview of the project, their individual teams, how did the project idea came into being and what each of their team is expecting to learn from this project. 

Through this series of podcasts, we will explain to you what the project is all about, at which stage we are in now, what are the components, features and functionalities of the TEADAL platform and will also give you details about our different use cases and how the platform will be validated by the 6 use-case partners with their different scenarios and requirements. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming ones and follow our channels for more news and updates from the project.