TEADAL joins the EUCloudEdgeIoT Community

On 8th of February, the EUCloudEdgeIoT community officially kicked off by launching its several task forces and its envisioned activities. In this community webinar about 80 participants joined from various ongoing European funded research and innovation projects in the field of Meta Operating Systems, swarm computing, cognitive cloud, data management, and more. 

The EUCloudEdgeIoT is an initiative supported by the European Commission to consolidate and strengthen the European stakeholders across the entire computing continuum (cloud to edge to IoT) and provide a platform for interactions and collaborations between the various research and innovation projects that are operating under these topics. 

In order to manage data more effectively, near the source rather than sending it to data centers, cloud and edge computing are crucial technologies in the computing continuum. Data processing is getting closer to the edge, according to recent studies.

TEADAL’s vision to provide key cornerstone technologies to create stretched data lakes spanning the cloud-edge continuum and multi-cloud, providing privacy, confidentiality, and energy-efficient data management, proves to be an interesting participant in this community where our knowhow in trustworthy data sharing and data management will be constructive to many organizations and projects in the community. 

In this webinar, a number of “task forces” were launched. The participating projects are invited to participate in 1 or more of these task forces where they see their activities fit well within the scope of the task force. For the moment, TEADAL will take the opportunity to participate in the Communication Task Force in order to amplify TEADAL’s activities and efforts. 

The different task forces launched are:

  • Strategic Liaisons
  • OpenSource engagement
  • Architecture
  • Ecosystem engagement
  • Market and sectors 
  • Communications 

A total of 31 projects, funded under the MetaOS, Swarm computing, Cognitive cloud, data and other calls have joined the EUCloudEdgeIoT community, graphically represented below.

EU.ClodEdgeIoT.eu - Community

TEADAL is looking forward to interesting exchanges and opportunities via this vibrant European technology community. 

For those who would like to know more about the task forces and their scope, find the full recording of the webinar below.