The European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) is a highly reputable event in the European data and communications technologies field. This flagship event not only gathers scientists and practitioners from academia and industry to present the state-of-the-art in various technologies and research, but sets the way for future research as well. This year’s EBDVF gathered 400 attendees who joined the event for inspiring keynotes, speeches and presentations  discussing the future of data spaces, ethical and trustworthy AI, HPC as an enabler and many other topics from the perspective of European industries and society.

The Big Data Value Association’s (BDVA) community is of critical importance to TEADAL. TEADAL’s scope is to enable the creation of trusted, verifiable, and energy-efficient data flows, both inside a data lake and across federated data lakes, based on a shared approach for defining, enforcing, and tracking data governance requirements with specific emphasis on privacy/confidentiality. Therefore, being visible in the community, informing about the project’s kickoff, scope, and disseminating outputs as and when available is paramount for an impactful project lifecycle.

Despite TEADAL having kicked off only 2 months prior to this event, we took the opportunity to participate and inform the community about the project and engage in some fruitful discussions.

TEADAL, jointly with the EUCloud-Edge-IoT initiative (a joint initiative from the European Commission, to bring the cloud-edge and iot communities together), organized a session in this 3 day event, in Prague. TEADAL’s coordinator Dr. Rita Santiago from Ubiwhere and Dr. Giacomo Inches from Martel Innovate (lead in the communication and dissemination and key research partner) intervened and chaired one of the sessions.

This session, jointly hosted by TEADAL & EUCloud-Edge-IoT, was called as “Building the European Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum for Businesses and Research” and focussed on providing a synopsis over how Europe is building and bridging the cloud-edge-iot landscape for seamless data management and analysis. The activities planned under these initiatives will enable reliable, energy efficient and secured data sharing and data management across the computing continuum, which will pave the future for the development of Meta Operating Systems and solutions.

TEADAL at EBDVF - Session

Dr. Giacomo Inches opened the session with a brief introduction and moved straight to 3 short presentations for introducing the 3 projects: The EU Cloud-Edge-IoT initiative, TEADAL and FluiDOS (one of the projects that aims to develop meta operating systems for the edge that enable cloud and edge computing orchestration by bringing computation, data and intelligence closer to where the data is produced, sensors and devices, and by which volume, variety, interoperability, and velocity should be handled efficiently and securely).

Dr. Rita Santiago presented TEADAL briefly and illustrated its aims, objectives and the pilots.

Followed by the presentations, Dr. Inches welcomed the panelists to start a discussion on the same topic of building the European Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum for Businesses and Research. Topics were touched like the complexities that would arise in building the computing continuum, highlighting some technical as well as business related challenges.

TEADAL at EBDVF - Session

Dr. Rita Santiago, who participated as an expert in the panel, talked about how the outputs of the TEADAL project would address the challenges faced in the different European data-spaces.

There was also discussion on sustainability, being core to European research now, but how feasible is bringing sustainable technologies to the forefront in market adoption, what initiatives and organizations are actively driving development and adoption as well as elaborating on some sustainable technologies that are contributing in bridging the cloud-edge-iot landscape.

Some interesting points were made during the discussion, in particular the approach of TEADAL in reducing vertical and horizontal frictions during the data sharing process captured the interest of the audience. There was a lot of discussion around TEADAL’s proposed solutions and testing approaches in the six pilots in the different six domains: medicine, mobility, agriculture, manufacturing, financial and environment . A key achievement was also to officially launch our website to make the whole Cloud-Edge-IoT community fully aware of TEADAL, which resulted in one of the most interesting projects during the session.

TEADAL had a very nice experience at this event, not only in presenting and participating in the session but also to explore cross-project collaboration possibilities. The vibrant BDVA community will add a lot of value to the TEADAL project’s impactful outreach and we would be delighted to participate in future versions of the event.

We are looking forward to BDVA’s Data Week and EBDVF in 2023.